Pokemon Styled Quiz Games [2015]

Originally made for my tenth-grade Chemistry class (Version 1), the game we titled “The Alchemist” was later adapted for my Geometry class with the much more straightforward title of “Geometric Formulas.” I designed and programed the game, while my friend, James Copeland, created the sprites and background art. Both games feature an overly dramatic orchestral score featuring songs from games we were playing when we made them. The games were made in Unity 3D with the C# scripting language. Version 1 was created for Chemistry class, for which they were given roughly a month to complete. The majority of the time went into programming the various functions for choosing a question-answer set at random and displaying the answers in a random pattern; because of this, the UI, music implementation and animation of the sprites received less attention. Version 2 is essentially the same game with only a few alterations, so more time was able to be spent on general polish.

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